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Crag Swag: Gifts for Climbers,

unique miniature wearable replicas of climbing gear, fused in burnished bronze and perfected by hand.

A North Wales Family Business


Gifts for Climbers

Miniature replicas of climbing equipment, fused in burnished bronze and plated in silver, gold, enamel, rhodium and ruthenium. 

Each handmade in Italy by Master Goldsmith and Alpinist Andrea Sampaoli.


Returns Policy

Our aim is for you to enjoy our products, if for any reason you are dissatisfied with your purchase please email us at and we will arrange for a return, product exchange or refund. 

Climbing for all

1/ If you find actual crag swag (as in equipment left by other climbers at the crag) consider the ethics of it - see UKC or BMC, often local Facebook groups are good for returning gear. We personally use tough tags to make sure our equipment can be returned to us. 
2/ We believe in looking after the environment as much as reasonably possible including protecting the crags and their surroundings.

3/If you are a climber consider donating to your local Mountain Rescue and Bolt Foundation. 
4/ Climb safely!

Policies at Crag Swag: Gifts for Climbers


About us

Funding a climbing habit!

Hi! We are Stef and James, we live in North Wales, and climbing has been a big part of our post-covid mental health recovery. James even formed a mental health support group for dads called Dangling Dads (check them out on

While on holiday in Italy, during a climbing trip, we discovered a product we both loved and decided to bring it to the UK. It started as something we wanted for ourselves and now is something we want to share with you!

Crag Swag: Gifts for Climbers is the UK distributor for Sampaoli Creazioni, if you think our products suit your store, get in touch. 


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Shipping & Delivery

During the Christmas period we will ship daily where possible

We are a small business and will ship on Mondays via first class post for small orders.

If you are local to North Wales it is possible we may deliver in between climbing trips especially if pick up is at a climbing location!
We will at times need to restock as all products are hand made and therefore limited in availability - we will always endeavour to communicate current situation clearly to customers.

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